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1/08/07 - Get stoked, please.

Well guys I know it has been forever, and I owe you so much news and photos that it's not even funny. But i'll be honest, all the design and creativity has been sucked the hell out of me recently (5 months) I have really wanted to update and work on the site but I just couldn't get the juices flowing.

It's hard to sit behind a computer all day long forcing out design at a clients will. Especially when you really want to make something rad and take your time but you're limited to such a short window to deliver... gets frustrating sometimes.

But I just bought a bunch of new design and fashion magazines in preparation to work on the 2009! line of Arbor snowboards. After just an initial brows through them I'm getting a little pumped up again. that and a nice grande caramel macchiato at 5pm gets me energized into the wee hours whether I like it or not.

I'm also moving into a new apartment MUCH closer to work and into a new room that's nearly 3 times the size. With that extra room, I'll be able to spread out and get more organized. More organized means that i'll be able to think and brainstorm and get back to the basics of design. Which inturn means rad work for thegnar and for snowboards.

speaking of, it's winter time all your asses better be hitting the mountains, because honestly, nothing beats a day on the hill with your buddies. Nothing gets me more excited in this world than flying around mach10 on a snowboard. Laughing when your friend tries a new trick and eats shit, and yelling your brains out when they land it. Getting stoked on friends is what I'm about. Be it on a snowboard, or when someone does a great thing in their life, or just sitting on a patio drinking a cold one and telling stories.

Getting stoked is a great thing. So do yourself, your friends and me a favor. Have fun out there and share it with people you care about. I know it's the cliche of the millennium but life is too short.




09. 19. 06.                       - V -

I have tons of pictures to post, so hang onto your butts
and i'll be posting them soon.

22 weeks into my total detox sobriety month. So far no slips.
2 weeks left! I can make it. Russ's birthday at Medieval TImes
Oct 7th right when the month is up... i shall drink then...yeaaa

I just watched V for Vendetta ... fucking awesome movie.
If you
haven't seen it do yourself a favor and go watch it.



YES it has been forever since I last updated.. 2 months plus. Sorry.
-Bay to Breakers in SF was awwwwwsome doing that next year for sures.
-Boston was rad, got in 2 games at Fenway
-Heading to Vegas this thursday for fun with the bros
-Moving to Manhattan Beach on the 1st of August!!

Children of Bodom doing what they do best, which is
totally shredding guitars. In this case classical style.

Bay to Breakers '06 = 7 miles of drinking

Shoolery Design Gang at Key Art awards

Big Cheif No Eyes and Kevbo

05. 19. 06.        quick post

OK I wouldn't post his unless it was pretty important: Save the internet
Check it out and sign it... I did

Flying up to San Francisco tonight to party with Malibu and Baxter
and run in some crazy race called 'Bay to Breakers'

04. 09. 06.         !ACHTUNG¡ Update in PIctures area

I just realized thegnar.com 6.0 has been around for more than 2 years
without a major site update.
Don't get excited an think that I'm going to do
one, so tuff noogies. This one has worked well and I'm way too damn busy
to do a new one right now... maybe someday. I'll try and make little
adjustments here and there to keep this one"FRESH"

Let's see here... It's been 2 months since I've updated this joint. A lot has happend... also not very much.
Feb. was awesome, had both Lucha VaVoom and Pirates Dinner Adventure. I also turned the big 25! yup kevbo is old.
In March I did a trifecta of Goleta trips to party with the boys. TQ if you're reading; congratulations, this it means you made it home safe after I saw you in the worst shape of your life. Kudos to you sir.
Haven't had much
time for Mamm's unfortuneately.
(sidenote: Mammoth Just broke their all-time record for snowfall!!!)
Good times for spring boarding, we'll be riding on July 4th.

(side-side note: RIP to those patrollers who perrished after they fell into a volcanic fissure up at Mammoth, thanks for keeping us safe)

Greg, Jason and myself with our Pirate Hookers

Getting ready for Lucha

01. 29. 06

Backside Gnar Slash & Frontside Gnar Bar
01. 21. 06
- Mammoth Mountain, CA

Photos by: The Tard Barge


Major update on kevinmsmith.com go check out my new work

2006, my how the time flys.. Well Christmas in Utah was a blast
and New Years in Goleta was wet, dark and fun. The AV boys need
to stop pulling so much juice next time! Work is going along,
was very busy up till the holiday break.. now its good to not be crazy
slammed all the time. Hopefully heading to Mammoth this weekend.
And for you boys who pony'd up for
it's going to be one hell-ofa show. Feb 16th!



Happy late Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both went super duper,
just chilled around Santa Monica/Westwood for Halloween, as you
can tell from the picture below I was a bitchen ass lumberjack.
Kicking ass and choppen down trees left and right all while not
splling a drop of my beer. Respect the tallent son.
Thanksgiving was a blast back in SB with the boys,
1st annual Goleta Turkey shoot at Ocean Ghettos' was sick.
Scoreboard is listed below the pictures.

Click on picture for bigger image

1st annual Goleta Turkey Shoot
Kev 41
Dan 44
Matty V. 49
Chris 54
Matt O. 55
Mike 57
Ryan 59
Steve 67
Timmy DNF
Hug (pussy whipped) scratch
Brain B.
(busy saving lives like a real man)


Turbo double-headder for the Goleta boys last wekeend. Turbonegro rocked the City of Satan aka Los Angeles for 2 mind melting shows. To see those pictures and a few from the Vegas bachelor party check out the pix section.

Bald is beautiful... just ask these hansome devils


Michael & Nicole Van Dyk
Congrats you crazy kids, much love from all the Goleta boys!

ps. if anyone has vegas pictures please send them to me!!


Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow with 11 of my favorite dudes.


Justin Mann got hitched! I was up in Oak Harbor last weekend
for the wedding. Good times were had by all. I miss the NorthWest,
it was so dang beautiful up there. All in all it was a great weekend,
got to see lots of old friends and party it up like old times.

Fiesta! was this past weekend, more good times with
friends I don't get to see very often. Zipped up there friday night
and came home sunday afternoon. Holiday Hill house is
looking very nice these days...

*This site is mother Smith approved* Love you mom!


!!!! MEGADETH !!!!
Rocked to the bone during the Gigantour this past sunday night at the
Irvine Amphitheater with my lil bro steve. I can now say that im an
official Dream Theater fan. They headlined with Megadeth... flippen rad show.
Here is a pic I took from my new cell phone.... RAISE THE HORNS!


TimeSquare, NYC anyone??????? booya
This mofo must be like 60' wide? Click picture for big image


F' yea!!! Quiel graduation

Here is me in the Mammoth Pipe a few weeks ago with the Arbor crew

Photo by: Mike Basich


Just spend last weekend up in SLO visiting quiel for his graduation... Flippen awesome weekend. Picked up Baxter from SB friday night and hauled up to San Louis. Got tanked friday night... crashed out around 4am, woke up at 9am... headed to the bars and started drinkingall over again. Aparently it is tradition for all the graduates and their parents to get their drink on before the cerimony.. The bars opened up at 7am!.. I LOVE SLO!
Heading down to SD this weekend for fathers day... shoud be good times, haven't seen the old man and the lil bro in awhile.

Check out this poster below, it's for the new show 'THE CLOSER' I designed it at work, you might or might not have seen it in various magazines or random bus shelters if you live in LA or an other major city. Apparently it premiered last night to HUGE!!!! ratings... awesome, hopefully my lil artwork helped contribute to the success. CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGE VIEW


MEMORIAL DAY ROCKED! I was invited up to Mammoth to stay with the whole Arbor Snowboards crew. Got to ride and hang out with some good people. It was sweet to hear the team rider's feedback on the graphics too. Can't wait to see these babies when they come out of production. Rode a Arbor Mystic 58, SICK BOARD!

Not shopped!


Click on this new upcoming movie poster...
you might see someone you know.. HINT HINT



work work work work work.... i love it, but i've been doing a shit load of it. So basically I have zero motivation to update this site or do anything creative out of work. After sitting behind a computer for 10-12 hours a day and draining all my creativity out there....I have none left for home/personal designs. sorry in advance for no cool new works.

But once my shit starts showing up on billboards/magazines/snowboards I'll post them here for all to see. Got a few things on the horizon.

Ohh yea, if you didn't know. My friend Laura who works for ARBOR SNOWBOARDS and myself hooked our two companies up and WE are now designing the 2007 line of graphics for their boards.....dream come true i must say.... :)




wow, almost april!!!! Wasn't Christmas like a couple weeks ago? where the hell does time go. Been busy with work, and busy having fun. Pretty much every weekend I'm gone. I think I have stayed home probably 2 weekends out of the past 3 months. It kinda sucks because I just wanna catch up on sleep or just relax and not spend money. But then i can't complain when im out snowboarding my ass off or visiting friends all over.... so i guess it balances out.
But again, this weekend im going up to SB to party and see buddies, next weekend my step sisters wedding... the weekend after that Mammoth trip with the team. So that will cap a 6 week long string of me moving constantly. I swear im not complaining... just tired.

So! till next time.... Hoepfully i'll have the g-jugend site somewhat finished and active for all you Turboneger fans out there....

>> I AM A * <<

AWESOME! My brothers wedding was fippin' KILLER!!!Here's my brother and my new beautiful sister-in-law KATE!
I'm currently editing and posting hundreds of pictures from the wedding, so hang in there... i'll have a massive post soon...i hope

Click image for larger image of everyone in the wedding party + family.

Steve-o, me--me psudo pound--me shitting my pants-, yet knocked it out of the park

Flying up to WA this coming Thursday for Scotts wedding. I'm super stoked, but I'm also nervous because i'm the 'bestman' and I suck ass at public speaking...and we all know one of the duties of the bestman is to give a good speach....ugh
I'm going to bring my cam, so i'll have lots of pix to post..

here i am in the back of kell's car on our way to the TN show... 12/19/04

half of Turbojugend Goleta gettin trashed before the show... 12/19/04

Work is cooking right along.

Super Bowl is today..NOt really stoked on either team, but i kinda want the Eagles to win just because they haven't ever.

February is looking like a good month, 2 fat trips to Mamms, my birthday, my brothers wedding up in Bellingham... good times will roll

Peep the Jugend jacket...siiick.. sarah is cool too

Things are going well, work is cooking right along. no homework or stressing out over projects kicks major ass!

almost february already! almost my birthday again! this past year flew by.. Lots of birthdays in Feb, so lots of partying is in store! killer.

Heading back up to Mamms this weekend for some powder action with the team. If you wanna join me up there one of these weekends let me know, I am able to invite guests.

So! I started my new "freelance" job. My official title is Freelance Art Director...pretty pimp hu. So yea, I'm working on mid-wilshire like on the boarder of westhollywood and hollywood. Workin on some movie poster ideas and doing some production art for a couple TV shows. I'm having fun and making casheesh, so all is well.

I'm still keeping my eye out for an action sports job somewhere down the line here.. After the first week on the job i got my 2 week contract extended to a month! so i guess thats the first step in getting hired full time...


Turbonegro show rocked so damn hard!!! got to shake one of my idol's hands too... none other than Jamie Lynn. he was there rocking in his Turbojugend Volcom jacket. Wish i wasn't so drunk at the time i would have liked to talk with him more.

new pictures added to the pictures page...go scope


TURBONEGRO show tonight!!!  STOKED
flying to Utah on wednesday!!!  STOKED
mammoth for new years!!!        STOKED
already got a freelance gig!!!     STOKED

12/7/04   so yea college is over in 3 days!!!! BOOYAKAKA ...i had a good run, ucla was awesome, i wouldnt trade my experiences or friends i have made here for the world. its weird where life takes you sometimes. once in a while i'll just be chillen or whatever and think about where i was 2, 3, 5, 10 years ago...and where life has steered me for better or worse. I truely do think that you cannot change your destiny, and no matter what you do or think you cannot change it. your just but an insignificant speck on a timeline. so with that said, check out my killer iron maiden shirt im rocking here! 100% authentic from England..

new fuckin theGNAR.COM soooon...ahhh shit yea! i'll have time to waste since i'll be a college gradubacate

11/03/04         HALLOWEEEEN

mr. pinchy my new painting


crazy busy these days, sorry for lack of anything cool, you can kick my ass when i see you. School is whoopen my arse, Last quarter thou! then im a free man.


Well finally moved into my new apartment it's in Brentwood. It's pretty sweet, about 1.5 miles from campus so im still close but im also far.





click above


quick update... back from spain...

that place rocks it like a hurricane! tons of pictures and stories to come.




Got back from VEGAS a few days ago, that place rox! check out a pic here.

Shipping off to Spain tomorrow (July 4th) I guess its kinda of a bummer that im gonna miss the 4th but hell, I'm goin to SPAIN!!!!
And hopefully I'll be able to catch some fireworks outside the plane's window...that would be cool

So ya, I'm meeting up with a couple roomates in Barcelona then we are off to find adventure and good times...and pubs of course. I'll be returing July 16th.

Till then....

6/23/04    ::new portfolio site:: -click here

Done with classes for the year. Just gradubakated from UCLA!!! well almost, still have 2 classes left in the fall, then im officially done and can join the rat race in the graphic design industry....can't wait... but i did walk in the ceremony last week. I'll try and post those pix...

Shipping off to spain july 4-15 for some euro adventures with a couple of my roomies and hopefully meet up with Danny for a day or two. wish me luck with the Toro's in Pamplona....ha!

Other than that im busy with msc. freelance stuff, workin on some logos for buddies ect.....

the new Pully CD rules, listen to the song 'Immune' it has a cool ending about the show
Land of the Lost


Hey it's Quiel!!! in Thailand... He's ALIVE!!!! .....playing volleyball

Last quarter of the year is half over, that sucker flew by! Tryin to make plans for the summer here. Hopefully make a trip out to Boston to visit the mother. The roomates tryin to convince me to meet them in Spain for 10 days of drinkin, debachery and running away from stampeeding bulls......sounds tempting.....

Hopefully be making some trips to SB and SD intermittenly throughout the summer for bbq calls. SO then, have your self a bbq and I'll be there!!


Back from Spring break, NYC was a killer trip. spent lots of time
j-walking and eating damn good food. Stopped in San Diego for a few to visit mike-V and the rest of those heads and had some good times boozn and golfin.

Few new pix up from spring break.

Very busy times... 2 weeks left in the quarter, so that means its time to bust ass on final projects and be stressed out beyond belief. so, not many updates for awhile.

On a fun note, when finals are all over I'll be heading back east to NYC for spring break with the girl (Ali).

This is my Dad's friend. Tom Campbell. Tom has a big pair.

*Merch is now available, click here or on da monkey

Ok, so I guess this is where I apologize for taking 5 million years before I produced version 6.0 Well damnit, I'm a busy damn guy and i have lots of resposibilities, last of which i unfortunately admit is the production of a website which has absolutely no reason to be. except for the reason that my friends and familiy look at to pass time while at work/school/lazybumness.
ya i go to UCLA, and ya.... im a busy dude. i know this is a ghetto excuse but damnit.... its VALID!!!!

this is all for now, enjoy the new version, more updates will happen when i have time....


ps. sorry the site looks so crappy, not like your paying to be a member or anything..